Walk-in Bathtub conversions from Your Ageless Home

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Your Ageless Home is now offering Bathtub Conversions. These products are designed to provide individuals accessibility into the bathtub area without climbing over the side of the bathtub. Works on fiberglass, steel and even cast iron bathtubs.

Safeway Step

Safeway Tub Door

Let us make your existing bathtub safer and more accessable with the Safeway Step. Designed to provide an economical renovation product for individuals interested in easier access into the bathtub area and creating a walk-in shower

Benefits and features:

  • Eliminates need to rip out existing tub

  • Provides easier access into bath and shower area

  • Reduces possibility of falls

  • Typically installed in less than one day

  • Inexpensive and ideal solution for your home

The Safeway Tub Door allows user of the Safeway Step to continue to fill their bathtub when a full bath is wanted.

Benefits and features:

  • Adds water-tight sealable door to your existing tub 

  • Eliminates need to rip out existing tub

  • Provides easier access into bath/shower area

  • Typicall installed in less than one day

  • Cost to install is fraction of cost compared to expensive bathroom remodeling

  • Creates a pass through 17 inches wide and approximately 9 inches deep.
  • The Safeway Tub Door uses a compression latch to secure the door in a closed position.
  • Door is hinged on either right or left side to allow for greater accessibility.
  • Three (3) sizes based on tub rail/wall allow the Safeway Tub Door to be utilized in most bathtubs.
    Available in White only.