Replacement Windows by Serious save more energy than any other window

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Serious Windows Provide Serious Energy Savings

Serious Fiberglass Window energy saving home

Serious Windows combine Super-insulating fiberglass with advanced glass technology for the ultimate in energy savings.

If you live in a climate where a window that stays warmer in the winter is a benefit, Serious Fiberglass windows are for you. If you are building a net zero or passive solar home and would benefit from higher heat gain glass, Serious Windows are for you.

Serious Fiberglass windows combine the benefits of fiberglass frames with the advantages of Suspended film Insulating glass to create windows with r-values ranging from 5.9 to 11.1 without the weight of triple pane glass.

Serious Windows has the right glass for all your net zero and passive solar homes. Contact Archer Lion for more information.

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Benefits of Fiberglass framing system:

  • Performs well in extreme hot and cold temperatures and extreme humidity
  • Very resistant to condensation to limit molds and mildews
  • Very little expansion and contraction (CTE)
  • Minimzed stresses on seals, caulks and joints providing higher efficiency
  • Extremely tight seals preventing air and water infiltration
  • Practically maintenance free
  • Superior strength to weight ratio for large openings

Benefits of Suspended Film Insulated Glass

  • R-values from R-6 to R-14
  • Super insulating glass packages with 2-3 air spaces (triple or quad glazings)
  • Less weight than triple pane glass units
  • Dual seals around edges of glass
  • Ability to have larger window units
  • LEED contribution of up to 19 points
  • Larger air spaces between the glass than triple pane glass for better thermal performance
  • Heating and air conditioning savings due to smaller unit requirements and lower annual operating costs
  • Directional tuning to enhance daylighting with morning warmth and afternoon coolness
  • 99.5% UV protection reduces interior fading and damage
  • Reduced outside noise
  • Resistant to condensation

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